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Nerina TC2415

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If you’re in pursuit of contemporary elegance with a dash of individuality, Nerina is the dress that will make your bridal style truly unforgettable.

Nerina is crafted from soft satin, exuding a modern and timeless charm. The one-shoulder bodice is a true statement piece, providing an asymmetrical touch that sets you apart. The detachable puff sleeves offer a versatile and unique twist to your bridal look.

The full A-line three-quarter circle skirt with a sweeping cathedral train comes with side pockets, a modern and practical feature you’ll adore on your special day.

Nerina is designed for your comfort and ease, featuring inner bra cups and medium-weight interlining for a flawless fit. The dress is fully lined, and the full-back invisible zipper adds a contemporary finishing touch.

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Features of the Nerina TC2415 Wedding dress:

  • Name: Nerina TC2415 – The Contemporary Elegance Icon
  • Design Concept: Crafted for contemporary elegance with a dash of individuality, making your bridal style truly unforgettable.
  • Material: Made from soft satin, exuding a modern and timeless charm.
  • Bodice Style:
    • One-shoulder bodice, a true statement piece providing an asymmetrical touch.
    • Detachable puff sleeves, offering a versatile and unique twist to your bridal look.
  • Skirt Style:
    • Full A-line three-quarter circle skirt with a sweeping cathedral train, adding a touch of grandeur.
    • Side pockets for a modern and practical feature, enhancing convenience and style.
  • Comfort Features:
    • Inner bra cups for added comfort and support.
    • Medium-weight interlining ensuring a flawless fit and structural elegance.
  • Lining and Closure:
    • Fully lined dress, providing comfort and coverage.
    • Full-back invisible zipper, adding a contemporary finishing touch for ease and style.
  • Overall Aesthetic: Nerina TC2415 is an icon of contemporary elegance, where the soft satin meets the one-shoulder bodice and detachable puff sleeves. From the practicality of side pockets to the sweeping cathedral train, each detail is designed for comfort, individuality, and a touch of grandeur. It’s a dress that ensures your bridal style is not just memorable but truly iconic.



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